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Top 5 Simulation Video Games

Almost every single video game made throughout the history of the gaming industry can be considered a simulation game since what is taking place on the screen is not reality. However, for the sole purpose of this article we are going to discuss the top 5 simulation video games of all-time but not consider every single game to be in the simulation category. Instead, in this article we consider a video game to fall into the category of simulation if it includes actual simulation features or has the word simulation, in one form or another, in its title. So, without further adieu, the top 5 simulation video games of all-time:
#5: Flight Simulator: This game was published and released by the company Microsoft for the personal computer. This franchise of games has been running for 25 years now and is the longest running franchise, predating Windows. The series first began as a group of articles about computer graphics and soon grew into the most popular series of flight simulator games on the market today. The games allow players to fly all types of planes including fighter jets, passenger aircraft, helicopters, Cessna and many others.
#4: Gran Turismo: Gran Turismo has become the golden standard for racing simulation video games on the market today. It was one of the first racing series to be introduced to PlayStation when the system by Sony was first released and has grown into a multi-billion dollar money maker. Since its introduction in 1997, there have been over 50 million units of the series sold in stores and on the Internet. The game allows the gamer to drive a large selection of vehicles that are lifelike reproductions of real vehicles around the world.
#3: Sports Mogul: The Sports Mogul franchise has become one of the most popular PC sports simulator games in history. The company was founded in 1997 and currently employs five people. It is responsible for Baseball Mogul, Football Mogul, and Baseball Mogul Online. These games allow players to simulate entire seasons of their favorite teams in an attempt to win the ultimate prize; the World Series or the Super Bowl. As it stands right now, Baseball Mogul is the number one selling baseball game for Windows. The baseball simulation games offered by Sports Mogul also allow the player to manage their minor league system, make trades, sign free agents, release players, update the team's budget and much more.
#2: Guitar Hero: Guitar Hero has quickly become the most popular music simulation series of games around today. The first game of the series was published in 2005 and it took off in popularity almost instantaneously. The game allows the player to use a plastic guitar that is hooked up to the gaming system to play songs and advance through locked songs and other stages.
#1: The Sims: The Sims might be the most popular simulation video games in the history of the category, surpassing the other four games on this list. The first game in the series was released in 2000 in North America. The player of the game is placed in control of the lives of the Sims, a simulation group of characters, in order to help them find a home, find a job, and do other daily activities

Choosing The Best Flight Simulation Game

Which Flight Simulator Is Best for Your Needs?
One can easy get lost in many different options presented when buying a new flight simulation game. The choice is huge and, the truth be told, most of the choices are neither worth your money nor time. It's very important to be objective when choosing which game to buy. You have to assess your needs and your real intentions.
Each game is very much different and developed for different groups of people. Casual gamers, aviation enthusiast and pro pilots will all have needs of different types of games with different features and options, consequently, those game will have different price tags. Choose wisely and before buying assesses the qualities of each game, read reviews, forum posts and user comments. Game that doesn't suite your needs could make your flying experience awful and could even ruin your dreams of becoming an airplane pilot one day.
There are some of the features, however, that are universal to all types of flight simulators and are crucial for enjoyable gaming experience. The most important of these features is nice looking graphic. Flying simulators that don't have good graphic details are destined to fail. People get annoyed with them easily and look for another game that looks nicer.
Flight simulation game also has to be realistic. This feature is very much connected with graphic too. Scenery, landscapes and environment must look as realistic as possible and match the characteristics of a real world.
When buying a flight simulation game look for the following features:
  • Good graphic detail in high resolution.
  • Realistic sceneries and true-to-life landscapes.
  • Ability to change the environment easily and without distortions.
  • The game has to be attractive and interesting to play.
The goal of a good flight simulator should also be to instruct its users, to give them the realistic experience and to improve their skills and overall knowledge of aviation industry. This is also a good way to test new aviation equipment and gear. So it is very important to pick a game that has lot of aircraft to choose from and if it has regular updates and follows the changes and innovations in aviation industry.
If you are truly interested in flying and want too improve your skills, the game you choose must have realistic controls and commands. The control panel inside the cockpit of a plane must be identical as in a real airplane and your game controllers have to be realistic too. The price of such controllers (yokes, pedals and joysticks) could be high, often higher than the game itself.
As shown in previous example, the cost of the game and gear combined could get very high. If you are not familiar enough with all the features and with all the options on the market you could be spending lot of money for the options or gear that you don't really need, or you could be buying something not good enough for you. To avoid such costs check the market and see if the game has following options:
  • It has to have regular updates and add-ons.
  • Must have good and friendly customer support.
  • Real time and multiplayer options are also very important.
  • To avoid additional costs add-ons and updates have to be free of charge.
It could get somewhat confusing for a novice user when he starts a game for the first time. The experience with a large number of options, controls and commands can be overwhelming. So it's crucial for the game to have good and easy to follow instructions and user manuals. I personally like instructional videos a lot so I would look for a flight simulator that comes with video tutorials.

Flight Simulator Games, Can They Really Teach A Person How To Fly?

If you can fly in a flight games simulator then does that mean that you can fly the real thing? Most pilots say no as the conditions cannot truly exist to be 100% accurate mostly due to the cross winds and turbulence etc. However during the past few years the flight simulator games available have become so much more sophisticated and advanced and they do say an existing pilot can certainly benefit and brush up their skills and keep them sharp for flying.
The pilots are finding that they can learn how to fly new aircraft they have not flown before or been available to them. They also can learn about new technologies and test them in a realistic version through a game rather than trying them out on an aircraft.
Most of the simulation programs come complete with great graphics and amazing scenery plus they have a huge selection of airports for you to land in. The control of the flight time
take offs and landings are controlled by entirely by you allowing you fly at night and land in daytime if you wish. There will also be different entry levels for the novice and advanced level users alike so whatever your skill level is you will be taken care of. With these built in factors taking all things into consideration you really will feel that your experience is very
The flight simulation software can be connected easily to your computer and can be operated with the help of joysticks, controls, pedals and so on. Some flight games sims allow you to do everything from the keyboard but to get the very best experience possible then the full equipment pedals, joysticks controls etc are a must. So when it comes to using flight simulator games as part of pilot training it can be really useful in many ways.
If you do decide to buy a flight simulation game then make sure that all the add-ons are the updates are included for life in the price and no further expense will be needed by you. Finding the right flight simulator for you means digging around and reading reviews etc but getting the best possible sim at the outset is worth the effort So check around and find the best Airplane Flight Simulator to fit your needs

Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Simulator Games

The experience of flying an aircraft without actually leaving the ground is called flight simulation. Its popularity is increasing rapidly and every day more and more people are choosing flight simulators to test their aviation skills in a fun and exciting way, cheap and safe. In this article we will try to answer to some of the questions frequently asked by many wannabe pilots.
Can flight simulators truly recreate the real flying experience?
It is hard to answer accurately to this question without knowing more about the actual type of simulator and the goals of the person using it. There are many different models of simulators on the market, ranging from the cheap computer games for $50 all the way up to Full Flight Simulator with the price tag of over $10,000,000.
Types of airplanes and training programs are also important factors. Different type of system is used for training military pilot in a military plane than a flying enthusiast learning to fly in a small tourist airplane. It is important to be honest with yourself, understand your real objectives and choose the right system according to your needs. You can't expect for $50 to get the same kind of experience that a pro pilot in US Air Force academy would get, but you will learn some basic things and get a general idea of flying.
What is the main purpose of flight simulators?
The main purpose of high-end plane replicas is education and training. Cheaper software applications and aviation games where primarily developed for gaming industry but also have high educational values. Some models of flight simulation games are developed to very high standards and lot of flying schools are using them to train their novice pilots and flight crew. This way the costs of training are reduced significantly and the safety and security of pilots is raised to a much higher level. Such software applications are ideal for practicing various maneuvers and procedures without risking the life of people.
How good are aviation games?
With the recent advances in computer technology and graphic we have also seen huge improvements in development of flight simulation games. Lot of flying enthusiasts and aspiring pilots now have the opportunity to experience realistic flying and learn lots of fundamentals and theory before deciding if they really want to peruse the career of a pro pilot.
What type of training one can get from such simulators?
As already mentioned, the level of training will depend on your intentions and the type of simulator you use. In general, simulators can be used for anything in aviation that comes in mind. Aircraft, landscapes and runways can be redesigned and changed to match the needs of our training program. That is especially true in military and aviation industry where changes in climate and weather conditions are of ultimate importance. It's vital for a pilot to get familiar with all different types of scenarios and failures as if such situation later arises in a real life he would know how to respond.
Many people today have dreams of flying and would like to start a career in aviation industry. The cost of training academies and flying schools is huge and the risk of failure is also very high. Flying simulation software is ideal for those people. For a cheap price they can get an idea of what the pilot's life would really look like. From the safety of their own homes they can get a lot of knowledge and start their venture into the world of flying.

Play Real Flight Simulator Games

If you are serious about playing simulation games online then you will want to play real flight simulator games, because of how real it is, it is definitely worth every penny. You need to do your research to compare the different features that it offers. Once you start researching you will notice the main features of each one and determine which is best. Another thing that you want to do is search for reviews and see what others are saying as well as asking questions through online forums.
The features that you want to be aware of are choosing between various aircraft, making adjustments to the weather conditions, and being able to choose whatever country you want to fly in. You want to make sure that the controls resemble that of a real airplane. To get the airplane off the ground you will need to learn how to operate the controls. These features will make things a bit challenging, but user friendly and realistic.
Providers of these flight simulators must stay on top of the changes in the aviation industry as well as their competitors in order to provide the best real flight simulator game. As a matter of fact some of them are used by real pilots for training purposes. These games are identical to the real thing and that is why so many others want it.
You will want to know what your operating system can handle before you decide to purchase any real flight simulator games. While you can use your mouse and keyboard to play, others as well as myself have found it better and easier to use a joystick and or pedals. By adding a joystick and or pedals, it will enhance your gaming experience and make it more realistic. You do not have to go all out and purchase a high end or fancy joystick as a basic one will be just fine to get the job done.
One thing that is very important and that you should take into consideration before making your purchase on any real flight simulator game is to find out if the provider will issue you unlimited free updates. You also want to be able to purchase any extra add ons for aircraft, scenery, and airports.
Once you have an understanding of what to expect then do a comparison and break it down to which one is exactly what you are looking for and will be worth the money spent.
The benefit of purchasing pro flight simulator is that after you complete your purchase, you will have immediate access to what so many others as well as myself feel is the number one flight simulator game online today. There is no need to have to wait for your game to be shipped to you, which can take days and sometimes longer.

Thrills Experienced With Flight Simulator Games

There are many different types of thrills that you can experience with flight simulator games. Some of these include that you are able to choose from a wide variety of different software packages that are available on today's market. There are even choices where you can choose to create your own cockpit with your personal computer.
By creating your own cockpit around your personal computer you will be able to experience the flight simulators games in new ways that you might not have thought were possible before. Plus you are going to be able to have all of this fun playing the games while you are still comfortable and in your own home. This means that you will be able to pilot through a wide variety of different situations and maneuver your aircraft through the skies with your keyboard and sometimes an added joystick.
For someone who has always wanted to fly a plane or who has a hobby of flying planes, flight simulator games can give a new level of added joy to their lives? There are two main types of flight simulators. There are those that are basic and those that are the most advanced.
Plus with the games you can experience your new levels of game play and learn how to be a pilot through basic trial and error. This is done with flight take offs, landings and even specific maneuvers when in flight. You will be able to learn how to use the different instruments that are needed in an aircraft and how to be able to manage through flight.
There are options for these games that are available for free online to be downloaded directly to your personal computer at home or even in the office. There are even some games that you can download to your phones so that you are never going to have to be without the games. Some of the most popular games are popular for specific reasons.
One of the most popular games online actually offers the most realistic available graphics and features that really are true to life. Some of these include that you get the most options in choice or aircraft, places to fly, landmarks and monuments to see, and airports to land at or take off from. In addition these flight simulators games generally offer some sound effects that are the most realistic as well.
Some other popular features are when games use Google Maps to allow you to be able to map out your destination and even fly as though you were there at the specific time in which you are flying. This means that if you chose to sit down and fly at night time to somewhere in the world where it would be daytime then the conditions with the game would match reality. These are some of the most fun considerations because they allow the games to feel the most realistic.
The cell phone games that are popular are popular when they offer choices in aircraft that are from a wide range. So when it comes to having fun with flight simulator games it would seem that the more choices the better. This also means that you can find a wide variety of different features that allow you to play and have fun with the games.

How Flying Simulator Games Have Reached A Whole New Level Of Realism

If you are fond of playing simulation games online or if you have a keen interest on aviation, then you just might find this particular flying simulator game very interesting indeed...But, to get a better understanding of why flight simulators are very popular among gamers and flight enthusiasts alike, youll have to gain a better understanding of exactly what the software does and what kind of experience you get from it in order to determine the best one for you.
A flight simulator is simply a software system that contains a simulation of an airplane flight as well as various features that make your virtual flight a lot closer to reality. If you want to get the best flying simulator games, then you'll have to do your homework. The best way to get the best is to compare the features of the most popular flight simulators in the market today and then see which one best addresses your flight simulation needs.
This might seem like too much of a hassle at first, but, hey, the hard work is done for you with this little review anyway. It is sure to pay off in the end investing the time to read this. You don't even have to compare and contrast every single feature that the simulators have; you simply have to check their main features. It would also help for you to check what users have to say about each flight simulation program. You especially have to look out for comments on the simulators real-world similarity.
Many gamers and aviation enthusiasts today claim that ProFlight Simulator is the best simulator currently available in the market. For a 'pure' flight sim experience I have to agree. Its not Arcadey in a Hawx or Ace Combat kind of a way, instead it is about as close to the real thing as you are ever likely to see. This is partly because of the wide variety of aircraft that the software offers, from the original Wright Brothers aircraft to military jets, and even helicopters and gliders. In fact, there are over 120 different aircraft that you can choose to fly using the ProFlight simulator. And not only that, but this simulator also allows you to choose from over 20,000 different airports and runways.
But, what truly makes this flight simulator provide you with a very realistic flight experience is the fact that its control panel and cockpit is modeled after an actual, real-life aircraft cockpit. Taking command of any aircraft in this simulator is therefore very much like piloting the real thing in an actual flight. The only difference is that you' are not actually going anywhere and you neither incur the usual expense nor face the common dangers associated with real flights! For something to help you pass the time or unwind after a busy day, this isn't a bad choice, is it?
The ProFlight simulator also allows you to control every aspect of your virtual flight. This means you get to choose not only the aircraft and airport, but also the time, weather, wind conditions, and overall environment. You may also synchronize your flying simulator games with the real-world so that you experience the actual current time, terrain, and weather in the specific location where you choose to fly. These features have certainly made flight simulation more challenging and ProFlight has definitely brought flight simulation games to a whole new level, especially where realism is concerned.