Friday, September 7, 2012

Flight Simulator Game

Are you looking for a flight simulator game? Well there are a few things you should know before buying one. A good flight sim is going to cost a little bit of money. There are free ones and ones you can play online, but these are horrible games that do not put you in the action like a flight sim game should.
The leader in flight simulator games is Microsoft, but they are losing there lead very fast. This is mainly due to other companies that are building fantastic simulators. Microsoft has not put much effort into there flight sim in quite some time. I used to play it, but it didn't take me long before I found something better. I actually grew up playing MS flight simulator, and played it for many years. I now have a new flight simulator game that I absolutely love and play almost every day.
My top choice for a flight sim is Flight Sim Pro. I kept seeing advertisements for it all over the place. I viewed there website and I could already tell this was going to be a great one. They had videos and pictures of the planes and I already new Microsoft had a new competitor.
Flight Sim Pro is my only flight simulator game that I even play anymore. I still have ms simulator X, but I never fire it up anymore. My new simulator is so realistic it makes me feel like I am really flying. The graphics are great and sometimes feels to real. This sim has over 20,000 airports, 300 planes, and even a few helicopters. The realism is better than anything I could have imagined.
When picking a good flight simulator game, it is important to pick something that will not bore you after 3 days. Its important to make sure it has plenty of features to keep you going. It is also important to make sure it puts you in the action, and makes you believe you are really commanding the airplane. Its even better when the flight sim game can even give you a scare or two when your totally absorb into it. There's nothing better than jumping out of your seat because you think you are really going to crash.

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