Friday, September 7, 2012

What Should a Good Flight Simulator Game Have?

Do you want to know what is the best flight sim available out there at the moment? As many of you already know, there are so many flight sim games out there that promise so many things, but will only leave you disappointed with the results. Fortunately, you can still find the best flight simulator available if you do some planning and research in the market. You just have to understand what features make a flight simulator worth buying. Don't settle for anything less. Worse of all, don't buy a flight sim which will destroy your dreams of becoming a pilot ever again. Terrible flight simulators can do this.
Find a simulator that will suit your needs and expectations. In my opinion, a good flight simulator should have beautiful, stunning and realistic graphics. Imagine flying in the clear blue skies without a care in the world, admiring the realistic graphics of the ocean, city, and many other locations. These are the type of graphics that you should be looking for in a good flight simulator. It should be able to catch all the details, colors and scenery of different areas and locations. This will add a sense of realism to the game. Playing the game will make you feel like you're a part of it. Try and avoid games that seem artificial and fake.
Find a flight simulator that:
Provides different environment changes such as hazy, bright or rainy skies without compromising the graphics.
Realistic and vivid graphics
Captivates the gamer with its attractiveness and beauty
The most important of all, flight simulators are designed with the specific purpose of improving your flying skills. This means that it has to be as realistic as possible, with the proper gear, equipment and abilities. The controls shouldn't be too easy, otherwise, it will seem too easy. Instead, it should be sophisticated, with a range of different varieties to choose from. However, doesn't it seem boring and mundane to drive a certain aircraft everyday? Why not widen your options by looking for a flight sim that provides you with a variety of other aircraft such as helicopters, fighter jets and even passenger aircraft.
An important aspect of flight sims is reality. It should be real enough for the player to improve their flying skills. For example, the software that is provided and used to control the equipment should really capture the realistic field of being in an aviation field.
Looking for the best flight simulator is the one which provides you with all the features that you want. This is what differentiates a good simulator from the bad ones. Having a look at the features will help you decide which is the best option that is available in the market. An overall view of the different flight sims will be very useful.
You need to look out for certain things such as:
The program is receptive towards other add-ons
Whether it comes with online support or forum
It comes with real appliances
If the add-ons need money
What are add-ons, you ask? Well, add-ons are generally small tweaks and updates that you can download to improve your game features. The best flight simulators will have this feature installed. If you're lucky, you will find one that offers free add-ons and even online support if something goes wrong.
Last of all, good flight simulators will provide you with manuals on how to start playing as well as inbuilt demos. This should broaden your spectrum of PC games, as you are introduced to a different type of play style. Whatever it is, make sure you find a flight sim that is compatible with your computer.

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