Friday, September 7, 2012

How Flying Simulator Games Have Reached A Whole New Level Of Realism

If you are fond of playing simulation games online or if you have a keen interest on aviation, then you just might find this particular flying simulator game very interesting indeed...But, to get a better understanding of why flight simulators are very popular among gamers and flight enthusiasts alike, youll have to gain a better understanding of exactly what the software does and what kind of experience you get from it in order to determine the best one for you.
A flight simulator is simply a software system that contains a simulation of an airplane flight as well as various features that make your virtual flight a lot closer to reality. If you want to get the best flying simulator games, then you'll have to do your homework. The best way to get the best is to compare the features of the most popular flight simulators in the market today and then see which one best addresses your flight simulation needs.
This might seem like too much of a hassle at first, but, hey, the hard work is done for you with this little review anyway. It is sure to pay off in the end investing the time to read this. You don't even have to compare and contrast every single feature that the simulators have; you simply have to check their main features. It would also help for you to check what users have to say about each flight simulation program. You especially have to look out for comments on the simulators real-world similarity.
Many gamers and aviation enthusiasts today claim that ProFlight Simulator is the best simulator currently available in the market. For a 'pure' flight sim experience I have to agree. Its not Arcadey in a Hawx or Ace Combat kind of a way, instead it is about as close to the real thing as you are ever likely to see. This is partly because of the wide variety of aircraft that the software offers, from the original Wright Brothers aircraft to military jets, and even helicopters and gliders. In fact, there are over 120 different aircraft that you can choose to fly using the ProFlight simulator. And not only that, but this simulator also allows you to choose from over 20,000 different airports and runways.
But, what truly makes this flight simulator provide you with a very realistic flight experience is the fact that its control panel and cockpit is modeled after an actual, real-life aircraft cockpit. Taking command of any aircraft in this simulator is therefore very much like piloting the real thing in an actual flight. The only difference is that you' are not actually going anywhere and you neither incur the usual expense nor face the common dangers associated with real flights! For something to help you pass the time or unwind after a busy day, this isn't a bad choice, is it?
The ProFlight simulator also allows you to control every aspect of your virtual flight. This means you get to choose not only the aircraft and airport, but also the time, weather, wind conditions, and overall environment. You may also synchronize your flying simulator games with the real-world so that you experience the actual current time, terrain, and weather in the specific location where you choose to fly. These features have certainly made flight simulation more challenging and ProFlight has definitely brought flight simulation games to a whole new level, especially where realism is concerned.

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