Friday, September 7, 2012

Looking for a Sweet Flight Simulator Game?

Looking for a sweet flight simulator game that won't bore you to death with fake looking scenery and limited planes that make you want to pull your hair out! Listen up flight sim enthusiast! I've got a good one for you all. If you have played Microsoft flight sim game, then you know it's a very good aircraft simulator game to play. It's free and comes with tons of features that will have you playing all day long. But there is a limit to that game. Remember it's free so you don't get all the excellent benefits that you'll normally get when you pay for something. Thats just reality!
What Makes a Flight Simulation Game Rock?
Here are a few super cool and fun traits of aircraft simulator game that you should look out for.
1. Planes that are design by big name companies like Boeing. (777 a must)
2. Unlimited custom airports design by you with unlimited runways.
3. Real world terrian.
4. You should get a realistic real flight experience.
5. An accurate worldwide scenery that is based on actual terrain.
6. The number of airports cover no less then 20,000. And they must be today's real world airports.
7. You should have no less than 100 plans to fly.
8. It should have take off and landing so realistic that you'ed believe you're actually in the cockpit.
9. Includes Vintage and
10. Free unlimited updates and upgrades for life
11. Compatible with PC or Mac
12. Multiple PC license.
13. Faster acceleration that what you're use to and no lag in flying.
14. Realistic flight dynamics that looks and feel so real that it's hard to believe your playing a flight simulator game.
15. Should include the Cessna 172, Cessna Citation X, aircraft carrier take offs and landings
16. Game is able to run or compatible with Win 95/Win 98/2000/ME/XP/vista/Windows 7.
17. Should all you to maneuver a mid air refueling.
18. Must allow multiple player for your friends and the Aeron Combat flight simulator. What is the Aeron Combat flight simulator? This offers players the most intensive flight combat you'll experience!!

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