Friday, September 7, 2012

Top 5 Simulation Video Games

Almost every single video game made throughout the history of the gaming industry can be considered a simulation game since what is taking place on the screen is not reality. However, for the sole purpose of this article we are going to discuss the top 5 simulation video games of all-time but not consider every single game to be in the simulation category. Instead, in this article we consider a video game to fall into the category of simulation if it includes actual simulation features or has the word simulation, in one form or another, in its title. So, without further adieu, the top 5 simulation video games of all-time:
#5: Flight Simulator: This game was published and released by the company Microsoft for the personal computer. This franchise of games has been running for 25 years now and is the longest running franchise, predating Windows. The series first began as a group of articles about computer graphics and soon grew into the most popular series of flight simulator games on the market today. The games allow players to fly all types of planes including fighter jets, passenger aircraft, helicopters, Cessna and many others.
#4: Gran Turismo: Gran Turismo has become the golden standard for racing simulation video games on the market today. It was one of the first racing series to be introduced to PlayStation when the system by Sony was first released and has grown into a multi-billion dollar money maker. Since its introduction in 1997, there have been over 50 million units of the series sold in stores and on the Internet. The game allows the gamer to drive a large selection of vehicles that are lifelike reproductions of real vehicles around the world.
#3: Sports Mogul: The Sports Mogul franchise has become one of the most popular PC sports simulator games in history. The company was founded in 1997 and currently employs five people. It is responsible for Baseball Mogul, Football Mogul, and Baseball Mogul Online. These games allow players to simulate entire seasons of their favorite teams in an attempt to win the ultimate prize; the World Series or the Super Bowl. As it stands right now, Baseball Mogul is the number one selling baseball game for Windows. The baseball simulation games offered by Sports Mogul also allow the player to manage their minor league system, make trades, sign free agents, release players, update the team's budget and much more.
#2: Guitar Hero: Guitar Hero has quickly become the most popular music simulation series of games around today. The first game of the series was published in 2005 and it took off in popularity almost instantaneously. The game allows the player to use a plastic guitar that is hooked up to the gaming system to play songs and advance through locked songs and other stages.
#1: The Sims: The Sims might be the most popular simulation video games in the history of the category, surpassing the other four games on this list. The first game in the series was released in 2000 in North America. The player of the game is placed in control of the lives of the Sims, a simulation group of characters, in order to help them find a home, find a job, and do other daily activities

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  1. My favorite among those 5 games is no other than THE SIMS. I love that game I find it easy and interesting.

    I also want to share another simulation game, Alacrity Pet Sims is another great game to play. I like that game and hope you like it too.